Our Service – PT. Maritime Power

Our Service – PT. Maritime Power

We are mainly provide Tug and Barges service for our clients. At the moments we owned varios sets of Tug and Barges and at the same time we do charter Tug and Barges from other shipping companies to support our growing market and at the same time we also provide Tug and Barges for other shipping companies.

Below are the list of Tug and Barges owned by Maritime Power :

maritime power

Besides the above mentioned Vessels under PT Maritime Power, we also have vessels under different companies is PT Trans Samudera Perkasa, PT Oceanus Perkasa and PT Maritim Jaya Perkasa, and own 7 sets (TB 2000HP and Barge 300ft) and all are pretty new, 2012, 2013 and 2014.

PT. Maritime Power

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