Our History

PT. Maritime Power

PT. MARITIME POWER is a shipping company operating Tugs and Barges with core business in bulk cargo transportation. Our operations areas include Indonesia and South East Asia such as Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia.

For Indonesia area, most of our fleets are operated in South and East Kalimantas as our main loading port and with discharging ports mostly in Java Island. Besides to java, we also carried cargo to Philippines, Malaysia and Thailand. Besides that we use to be involved in carrying Sands from Cambodia and Vietnam to Singapore for Singapore’s Reclamation Project. We also have experienced working at Offshore at Middle East for 12 Months.

PT. Maritime PowerMr. Edi Suwarko started Tugs and Barges business with the name of PT. Pelayaran Samedko Mulia in the early nineties. Mr Edi Suwarko has experience in shipping  industry since 1980s. He had managed varios type of Vessels such as Oil Tanker, varios size of Tug ranging from 940HP to 3200HP and various size of Barges from 180Feet to 345Feet. He also managed Sands Mine in Cambodia since 2008 with capacity up to 50.000 cubic Sands per month. In December 2007, Mr Edi Suwarko decided to change the name of PT. Pelayaran Samedko Mulia to PT. Maritime Power.